Choosing The Right Bathroom Suppliers For Your Renovation

The bathroom suppliers you choose to work with can make or break your bathroom renovation project.

Make the wrong choice and you might have to deal with missing orders, delayed delivery dates and faulty products. Not only can these mistakes cost you time and money, but they can also be incredibly stressful.

That’s why it pays to choose good bathroom suppliers. If you choose a good bathroom supplier, you’ll never give their involvement a second thought. But, choose a bad one and you’ll be constantly worrying about what will go wrong next.

Here are some of our tips for choosing a good bathroom supplier.


Take Your Time


First off, don’t rush into any decisions.

Dedicate a researching phase, read reviews, ask friends and family and schedule some visits.

Then, take your time to meet a few different bathroom suppliers, being sure to check their previous work to see if it aligns with your vision. Also, use these meetings to see if the team would be a good personal fit.


What Service Level Do You Need?


No two bathroom suppliers are the same. Some will only stock and supply products, others will also offer a CAD design service so you can preview your project, whilst some might even offer installation services too.

Make sure the bathroom suppliers you choose offer the services you need.


Check Their Stock


You might meet a team of bathroom suppliers that you really gel with on a personal level. But, if they don’t stock the type of products you are looking for, it won’t work out.

Finding a working relationship connection is really important. But you also need to make sure the supplier can source the range and style of products you are looking for.


Ask For Testimonials

Pictures and reviews are one thing, testimonials are a whole other level. If you speak to a bathroom supplier who is happy to share the contact details of a previous client, you could be on to a winner. This way you can get a real insight into first-hand customer experience.

Want To See Our Bathroom Products?

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What our customers say

Thank you both - Mark for introducing us to Patons and Steve - you've been a hero and just so helpful and patient in guiding us through.

– Jonny & Arianne

We used Paton of Walton many years back and were delighted with their service and the after-sales care (where it really makes a difference). Having purchased a new house with over 4 bathrooms, we knew we had to go back to Paton. We were not disappointed, we're a huge fan of Dan (one of the brother's who own Paton), but the professionalism, warmth and expertise cascades across the whole team at Paton. They make the buying process straightforward and part with all their wisdom to ensure that you receive an outstanding service and end product. Big Thank You to all at Paton of Walton... we're still a big fan of Dan!

– Vin Chumber

There's nothing they don't know about plumbing, heating and the building trade in general, and nothing is too much trouble for the staff who go above and beyond the call of duty to help their customers. They sell a huge range of bathroom suites and accessories, and you're sure to find something you like whatever your budget.

– Jasper via Google